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Version develop


  • Added multi Co-Website management


  • Moving a discussion over a user will now add this user to the discussion
  • Being in a silent zone new forces mediaConstraints to false (#1508)
  • Fixes for the emote menu (#1501)
  • Fixing chat message attributed to wrong user (#1507 #1528)

Version 1.5.0


  • Added support for login with OpenID Connect
  • New scripting library available to extend WorkAdventure: see Scripting API Extra
  • New menu design!
  • New openTab property (#1419)
  • Possible integration with Posthog (#1458)


  • Fixing layers flattened several times (#1427 @Lurkars)
  • Fixing CSS of video elements
  • Chat now scrolls to bottom when opened (#1450)
  • Fixing silent zone not respected when exiting from Jitsi (#1456)
  • Fixing "yarn install" failing because of missing rights on some Docker installs (#1457)
  • Fixing audio not shut down when exiting a room (#1459)


  • Finished migrating "Build your map" documentation into the "/docs" directory of this repository (#1417 #1385)
  • Refactoring documentation (dedicated page for variables) (#1414)
  • Front container code is now completely linted (#1413)

Version 1.4.15


  • New scripting API features :
    • Use WA.ui.registerMenuCommand(commandDescriptor: string, options: MenuOptions): Menu to add a custom menu or an iframe to the menu.
  • New jitsiWidth parameter to set the width of Jitsi and Cowebsite (#1398 @tabascoeye)
  • Refactored the way videos are displayed to better cope for vertical videos (on mobile)
  • Fixing reconnection issues after 5 minutes of an inactive tab on Google Chrome
  • Changes performed in now have a real-time impact (#1395)


  • Fixing streams in bubbles sometimes improperly muted when there are more than 2 people in the bubble (#1400 #1402)
  • Properly displaying carriage returns in popups (#1388)
  • WA.state now answers correctly to "in" keyword (#1393)
  • Variables can now be nested in group layers (#1406)

Version 1.4.14


  • New scripting API features :
    • Use string) : Promise<number> to load a tileset from a JSON file.
  • Rewrote the way authentification works: the auth jwt token can now contains an email instead of an uuid
  • Added an OpenId login flow than can be plugged to any OIDC provider.
  • You can send a message to all rooms of your world from the console global message (user with tag admin only).

Version 1.4.11


  • Added the ability to have animated tiles in maps #1216 #1217
  • Enabled outlines on actionable item again (they were disabled when migrating to Phaser 3.50) #1218
  • Enabled outlines on player names (when the mouse hovers on a player you can interact with) #1219
  • Migrated the admin console to Svelte, and redesigned the console #1211
  • Layer properties (like exitUrl, silent, etc...) can now also used in tile properties #1210 (@jonnytest1)
  • New scripting API features :
    • Use WA.onInit(): Promise<void> to wait for scripting API initialization
    • Use void to show a layer
    • Use void to hide a layer
    • Use : void to add, delete or change existing property of a layer
    • Use WA.player.onPlayerMove(): void to track the movement of the current player
    • Use string|undefined to get the ID of the current player
    • Use string to get the name of the current player
    • Use WA.player.tags: string[] to get the tags of the current player
    • Use string to get the ID of the room
    • Use string to get the URL of the map
    • Use string to get the URL of the map
    • Use Promise<ITiledMap> to get the JSON map file
    • Use void to add, delete or change an array of tiles
    • Use WA.ui.registerMenuCommand(): void to add a custom menu
    • Use WA.state.loadVariable(key: string): unknown to retrieve a variable
    • Use WA.state.saveVariable(key: string, value: unknown): Promise<void> to set a variable (across the room, for all users)
    • Use WA.state.onVariableChange(key: string): Observable<unknown> to track a variable
    • Use WA.state.[any variable]: unknown to access directly any variable (this is a shortcut to using WA.state.loadVariable and WA.state.saveVariable)
  • Users blocking now relies on UUID rather than ID. A blocked user that leaves a room and comes back will stay blocked.
  • The text chat was redesigned to be prettier and to use more features :
    • The chat is now persistent between discussions and always accessible
    • The chat now tracks incoming and outcoming users in your conversation
    • The chat allows your to see the visit card of users
    • You can close the chat window with the escape key
  • Added a 'Enable notifications' button in the menu.
  • The exchange format between Pusher and Admin servers has changed. If you have your own implementation of an admin server, these endpoints signatures have changed:
    • /api/map: now accepts a complete room URL instead of organization/world/room slugs
    • /api/ban: new endpoint to report users
    • as a side effect, the "routing" is now completely stored on the admin side, so by implementing your own admin server, you can develop completely custom routing

Version 1.4.3 - 1.4.4 - 1.4.5


  • Fixing the generation of @workadventure/iframe-api-typings

Version 1.4.2


  • A script in an iframe opened by another script can use the IFrame API.

Version 1.4.1


  • Loading errors after the preload stage should not crash the game anymore

Version 1.4.0


  • Scripting API:
    • Changed function names: restorePlayerControl => restorePlayerControls, disablePlayerControl => disablePlayerControls. Please keep in mind that the scripting API is still experimental. Some breaking changes can occur in it until we mark it as stable.


  • Added the emote feature to WorkAdventure. (@Kharhamel, @Tabascoeye)

    • The emote menu can be opened by clicking on your character.
    • Clicking on one of its element will close the menu and play an emote above your character.
    • This emote can be seen by other players.
  • Player names were improved. (@Kharhamel)

    • We now create a GameObject.Text instead of GameObject.BitmapText
    • now use the 'Press Start 2P' font family and added an outline
    • As a result, we can now allow non-standard letters like french accents or chinese characters!
  • Added the contact card feature. (@Kharhamel)

    • Click on another player to see its contact info.
    • Premium-only feature unfortunately. I need to find a way to make it available for all.
    • If no contact data is found (either because the user is anonymous or because no admin backend), display an error card.
  • Mobile support has been improved

    • WorkAdventure automatically sets the zoom level based on the viewport size to ensure a sensible size of the map is visible, whatever the viewport used
    • Mouse wheel support to zoom in / out
    • Pinch support on mobile to zoom in / out
    • Improved virtual joystick size (adapts to the zoom level)
  • Redesigned intermediate scenes

    • Redesigned Select Companion scene
    • Redesigned Enter Your Name scene
      • Added a new DISPLAY_TERMS_OF_USE environment variable to trigger the display of terms of use
  • New scripting API features:

    • Use WA.loadSound(): Sound to load / play / stop a sound

Bug Fixes

  • Pinch gesture does no longer move the character

Version 1.3.0

New Features

  • Maps can now contain "group" layers (layers that contain other layers) - #899 #779 (@Lurkars @moufmouf)


Bug Fixes